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We are more than designers and craftsmen; we are also gadget freaks who love technology. When we first started using PDA's like the Palm Pilot until your latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, we realized that there were no premium leather cases on the market offering both style and protection. Thus, PDair was born. After 15 years of making cases, we are still a small brand that has relied on word-of-mouth marketing as we believe that our products truly speak for themselves. Our new customers usually become our biggest advocates as soon as they see, hold and smell the PDair difference.

All leather used in PDair Leather products is authentic grain cowhide! Our hides are carefully selected from the top ten percent of Italy's and Japan's best leather resulting in outstanding quality, strength, character and grain.

Can’t live without your smartphone or tablet? Trust us, we understand. If you’re like PDair store, having constant access to your Smartphone devices is an important part of your life. Mobile devices are no longer just gadgets designed to make our lives a little easier. For many of us, our smartphones or tablets are extensions of ourselves. If you expect that your mobile device is going to remain an important part of your life, then it only makes sense to protect it. Of course you should protect your mobile devices. To be honest, the cases you choose probably have as much to do with style as they do with protection. We provide so many high-quality products here that you will absolutely find what you need.

PDair specialize in custom, premium leather cases. Although we carry the classic black cases in stock for immediate delivery, you can always go to the customizer to create your own stylish premium leather case or flip case if you are looking for additional colors, patterns and types. On the other hand, you can also choose the specific wallet, pouch and holsters to support your phone in a slim soft case, hard shell case, bumper,  other skin case, Cable, Desktop Charger, Car Charger.

Currently, we are expending the product range to Home Gadgets and Kitchen Gadgets. Our PDair Energy Source ES Defrosting Tray ( Fastest Thaw Board ) with New Green Technology. Besides, Our Classic Design and Luxury Design of Energy Source ES Defrosting Tray can become to ES Uiquid Cold Plate ( Serve Food Cold and Keep Fresh up to 30 minutes ). This is the power of New Green Technology!

Why PDair Defrosting Tray using The Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology?

The Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology is New Green Technology for Heat Transport. 

In traditional thermal transfer mechanisms, it has 3 main criteria. The first one is Thermal Conduction.  The heat is transferred by conduction when adjacent atoms vibrate against one another. It happens to most solid substances like metal. The second one is Radiation Conduction. Normally, it is detected when the temperature is high (like fire and high-temperature heat source). The third one is Convention Conduction.  It transfers the heat from one place to another by the movement substance (It happens to air and fluid).

Contrast to the above three kinds of heat transfer ways, the PCI heat transfer technology is a brand new mechanism. It combines high heat transport speed and high heat flux by Built-in Conduit Pipe system into an aluminum plate, using the fluid which is the commercial secret to carry heat in a pipe. This New Technology has special operation mechanism to speed up 20x heat dissipation rate and thaw food quickly (up to 3x) comparing to traditional or general aluminum plate. Contrast to the traditional heat pipe, the mechanism is totally different, which is aiming to transfer heat via evaporation and condensation at two ends. You can imagine The Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology is a breakthrough of Thermal Transition Technology in the world. It is using catheter arrangement to maximum performance for heat transfer and most effective way to average dispersion the temperature to the whole metal material. At the same time, it also can be maximum to use traditional thermal transfer mechanisms (Thermal, Radiation and Convention Conduction ). PCI Heat Transfer Technology doesn't rely on heat transfer by phase changes. Therefore, it can overcome the limitations of heat pipe such as Capillary limit, Boiling limit, Viscosity limit and Carriage limit etc… And it integrates heat conductivity and dissipation together. It should be the newest and most effective heat transport solution in 21st Century.

Green is not a color. Green is the future!

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