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Ansell EDGE® 82-133 / 82-135 Disposable Nitrile Glove


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Ansell EDGE® 82-133 / 82-135 Disposable Nitrile Glove

Ansell EDGE®  82-133 / 82-135 Disposable Nitrile Glove, FDA 21, EN 374, EN420, ASTM D6319, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, 100% LC. It fulfills all food contact and medical requirements including the European, USA and International standards.

Our Nitrile Glove offers the best combination of extreme friendly comfort (with our latest soft nitrile formulation) and furious reliable hand protection (EN455/ASTM D6319 compliance) while improving the sustainability of nitrile gloves. With our vigorous effort in producing the newest generation of nitrile gloves, Ansell yields unparalleled flexibility and tensile strength that surpasses even some of the thicker nitrile gloves out there in the market. Nitrile gloves provide users with the outmost confidence as they go around with their daily work routine like medical examination, preparing solutions in laboratories or preparing food in the kitchen.

Ansell heavy-duty protective glove, which also fulfills all food contact and medical requirements as well, including the European, USA and International standards, protects its users in industrial environments and is suitable for specialized laboratories and manufacturing environments, with challenging substances on all the surfaces around. This easy-to-don solution has high values of tensile strength and permeation protection, isolating the skin reliably against dangerous applications from any hazards on the outside.

Our Glove are ideal for those who love reliable protection with great skin alike comfort and reduced fatigue in your hand. It is designed to provide a reliable solution to cover all application areas, commonly encountered anywhere in medical application area. This is why the product extends the range of covered fields by typical medical, protective equipment and safe food handling applications. While the comfortable, soft nitrile has many advantages.

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