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Energy Source Defrosting Tray + Chill Platter - Classic Design by Brushed Aluminum (Silver)

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Energy Source Defrosting Tray + Chill Platter - Classic Design by Brushed Aluminum (Silver) - 3x Speed Boost
Light! Fastest Thaw!  Thaw Frozen Food by New Green Technology!

Classic Design (630g) by 3x Speed Boost  - 3x times thawing speed of the general defrosting trays (i.e.  Vonshef or Evelots Rapid) or 50% faster than That Thawing Plate (1.5kg).
Our Classic also has special features
It can become to ES Unique Cold Plate (Serve Food Cold and Keep Fresh up to 30 minutes).
Dramatically cut thawing time
7x-10x Speed Faster than natural thawing on the kitchen counter.   
Environmental Friendly - No need to use microwave, electricity,
chemicals or hot water.
Passed through the standard test of FDA (Food and Drug
Administration) and LFGB (Lebensmittel -Bedarfsgegenstände-und Futtermittelgesetzbuch) by SGS.

Product Features I - Thaw Food Naturally & Quickly
• Dissipates cold and draws ambient warmth to the surface
• Eco-Friendly – No Electricity required
• PCI Aircraft Aluminum Operation Mechanism
• Cleaner than soaking
• Gentler than microwaving
• Faster (up to 4x) than traditional counter top thawing
• Easy to Wash

Quality cuts deserve a delicate touch. When you're preparing the finest ingredients, every step counts. The Energy Source (ES) Defrosting Tray!
Defrosts meat right on the counter top without any external heat or power source for a gentle, even thaw in less than half the time of traditional
counter top thawing. Get your meal off to start it deserves.

Product Features II - Serve Food Cold & Keep Fresh up to 30 mins

• Antimicrobial, food-safe all-aluminum construction
• Slim profile for easy storage
• Liquid cold plate technology that stores the cold 15 minutes from your Fridge Freezer and uses it to keep food fresh up to 30 minutes on the table
• Dishwasher safe.

Made from antimicrobial, food-safe aluminum, Using liquid cold plate technology. It also can keeps food deliciously chilled  for up to 30 minutes.
Simply put our ES Classic Defrosting Tray 10 -15 minutes into the Fridge Freezer and remove it. Use it to serve up your next dish. Parties, buffets,
banquets, and more! It is perfect for your next gathering. Whether it's cold cuts, cheeses, sashimi, or pastry creations, your guests and you can
enjoy your meal the way it's supposed to taste, long after it's left the fridge.

Perfect for: cheese, meat, fresh fruit, sashimi, deviled eggs, cheesecake, and more!

Built-in Energy Source System and Green Design

The Energy Source (ES) Defrosting Tray is using special operation mechanism on Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology to thaw
the food quickly ( up to 3x - 5x ). No electricity, No hot water, No batteries. Simply set a flat piece of food and our ES Defrosting Tray goes to work.
There is no recovering time and no waiting for the second, third and the fourth defrosting task. Energy reservoir will automatically replenish via
thermo equilibrium with the ambient air through our patterned micro fin structure.

ES Defrosting Tray - Classic Design - Silver

- Materials: PCI Aircraft Aluminum
- Weight: 22.2oz (630 g)
- Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.1 x 0.55(30 cm x 18 cm x 1.44 cm)

Why PDair Defrosting using The Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology?

The Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology is New Green Technology for Heat Transport. 

In traditional thermal transfer mechanisms, it has 3 main criteria. The first one is Thermal Conduction.  The heat is transferred by conduction when adjacent atoms vibrate against one another. It happens to most solid substances like metal. The second one is Radiation Conduction. Normally, it is detected when the temperature is high (like fire and high-temperature heat source). The third one is Convention Conduction.  It transfers the heat from one place to another by the movement substance (It happens to air and fluid).

Contrast to the above three kinds of heat transfer ways, the PCI heat transfer technology is a brand new mechanism. It combines high heat transport speed and high heat flux by Built-in Conduit Pipe system into an aluminum plate, using the fluid which is the commercial secret to carry heat in a pipe. This New Technology has special operation mechanism to speed up 20x heat dissipation rate and thaw food quickly (up to 3x) comparing to traditional or general aluminum plate. Contrast to the traditional heat pipe, the mechanism is totally different, which is aiming to transfer heat via evaporation and condensation at two ends. You can imagine The Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology is a breakthrough of Thermal Transition Technology in the world. It is using catheter arrangement to maximum performance for heat transfer and most effective way to average dispersion the temperature to the whole metal material. At the same time, it also can be maximum to use traditional thermal transfer mechanisms (Thermal, Radiation and Convention Conduction ). PCI Heat Transfer Technology doesn't rely on heat transfer by phase changes. Therefore, it can overcome the limitations of heat pipe such as Capillary limit, Boiling limit, Viscosity limit and Carriage limit etc… And it integrates heat conductivity and dissipation together. It should be the newest and most effective heat transport solution in 21st Century.

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