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Portable Night Using Selfie Enhancing Flash Light Spotlight (Pink)


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Portable Night Using Selfie Enhancing Flash Light Spotlight (Pink)

Portable Night Using Selfie Enhancing Flash Light (Pink) is a mini camera flash/fill-in light designed for cell phones. Its connection port is 3.5mm audio jack, which compatible with all brand, models cell phone. Super mini but with strong LED light, makes you available to take high clear and high quality pictures with your cell phone conveniently.


1. Adjustable brightness: Provide 3 brightness levels to meet different shooting needs. Use the adjustable dimmer switch to change up the brightness and quality of your photos and videos.
2. Easy use: Simple for creative lighting: Easily mount on your phone with the headphone plug or clip, or handheld in any angle.
3. Convenient: Tiny, portable and practical. You can take it anywhere and shoot everywhere.
4. Professional: It provides the same daylight color temperature as popular professional xenon flashes, so you get natural-looking skin tones, the right depth, and soft shadows.
5. Multi-purpose: It can be used separately as an arbitrary source. It can be used as a simple flashlight or a small emergency lamp, taking photo is no longer an issue at night.
6. Compatible: It can use APP to connect IOS, Android and Windows cellphones and tablets.
7. High quality: See a dramatic improvement in the quality of all your photos and videos.
8. Strong Battery: Power battery is 200mAh. It has the capability to pass 500 cycles, just like the smartphone.

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