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Fragrance Effusion Lamp Oil Diffuser Romance Clouds


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Fragrance Effusion Lamp Oil Diffuser Romance Clouds

Romance Clouds Fragrance Effusion Lamp Oil Diffuser Catalytic Burner is lightweight and beautiful.

1. Dimension: 78.53*78.53*109.15 mm / 3.09*3.09* 4.30
2. Function: eliminating undesirable odors, creating a beautiful scent in the home, and decorating the home with exquisite lamp designs.
3. Each Lamp is mouth blown glass and handcrafted one at a time, and therefore makes each and every lamp uniquely different.
4. Each Effusion lamp comes with a burner stone assembly. The Stone maximizes the lamp’s fragrance performance. The wick draws the specially formulated fragrance up through the stone and disperses heavenly aroma throughout your home.

Usage :
1. Place the funnel placed on special bottles, the first use of the core head on the funnel into the aromatherapy essential oil bottle to bottle eighth prevail
2. Rui head of the bottle into the bottle along the heart of cotton and Rui head smoothly embedded into the bottle
3. Ignite Rui head, let the flame continued to burn for 2-3 minutes and then blow out, then covered with a metal lid makes heavy bottle of essential oil state in the absence of fire, slow catalysis and released
4. If you want to stop the operation of aromatherapy, first hollow cover removed, and then placed in sealed cover core adhesion to the head
5. Finally, the openwork lid cover, intact for next use

1. Add oil process, to avoid near the fire to avoid danger
2. Aromatherapy station operation, be sure to cover the hollow cover to avoid direct touch Rui head cause burns
3. If aromatherapy station for the car, in the ignition Rui head does not go out on the occasion, do not launch or move the bottle, so as not to upset or essential oil aromatherapy station overflow danger

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